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 Individual Counselling
Dr. Charles Edelman offers clients personalized and confidential counselling in the comfort of his private office at #205- 1501-17 Ave SW, Calgary. Charles concentrates his efforts on listening to each client's unique circumstances and helping client's gain additional understanding. New perception can bring hope and insights so Charles and the client can put together effective plans to help manage concerns in ones life. Call (403) 313-1312 to inquire about setting up an initial appointment with Dr. Charles Edelman today or email for more information.
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 Couple and Family Counselling
Dr. Charles Edelman offers a safe environment where each family member can speak freely about their concerns. If needed, mediation is available to couples and families to find solutions that are acceptable to every person involved. Charles uses an interactive process to help build understanding and reconciliation. Clients will be able to learn how to better cope with problems or prevent them in the future. Call (403) 313-1312 to set up an initial appointment with Charles Edelman today or email for more information.
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 Marriage Counselling
Dr. Charles Edelman offers a safe environment where couples can share honest feelings about each other and the marriage relationship. Feelings of love alone will not sustain a marriage. Along with love, there needs to be honour, maturity and compatibility. Without any one of these four elements, the marriage will invariably suffer. Consistent loving actions show love, lack of honour leads to less feelings of love, maturity looks to the partner's needs ahead of self and compatibility builds understanding and decisions are easier to make. How does your marriage measure up? If you detect a problem in any of these areas, call (403) 313-1312 to set up an initial appointment with Charles Edelman today or email for more information.

Issues Addressed in Marriage Counselling
  • Intimacy - sexual problems - low sexual desire - other sexual dysfunctions
  • Sex addiction - pornography, internet pornography and internet addictions
  • Infidelity - cheating - an affair or affairs
  • Communication problems - unproductive or hurtful conflict
  • Parenting - family problems
  • Depression - loss of interest
  • Workaholic - substance problems - jealousy
  • Sharing responsibilities - lack of co-operation - balancing work and home
  • Differences in goals and values - cross-cultural issues
  • Marriage preparation / pre-marital counselling
  • Marriage evaluation - evaluating compatibility / incompatibility
  • Help with deciding whether to get married
  • Deciding whether to separate - negotiating a separation
  • Support during the trauma of separation
  • Codependency (co-dependency)
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Questions I have been asked about Marriage

Do you believe that all marriages can be saved?
There is always hope. It is often possible to solve difficult and long-standing problems, even when the couple seems incompatible, especially when both partners value the relationship.
Is marital intimacy a subject you feel comfortable working with?
How long does it take if there is a serious problem such as infidelity?
Usually between 10 and 20 sessions.
Can I work with you individually on my relationship, or is it better to come as a couple?
Certainly you can work with me on it individually. Some times working as a couple gets the quickest results, but not always.
What do you suggest when one partner wants to see you and the other is reluctant?
It depends on the reason(s). If the reluctant partner is getting his/her own way all the time and is therefore not motivated, I suggest that the motivated partner work with me. If the reluctant partner is afraid or unconvinced because of lack of information about counselling and how it works, I suggest that person or the couple come for an information session.
Are you comfortable with being the therapist for both members of a couple?
In the majority of cases, yes. Doing it this way can introduce some complexities to the situation, but if the therapist is adequately trained to deal with them, there are important advantages. Sometimes I have had particular reasons to recommend separate therapists.
Do you work with sex addiction?
Have you been able to help people who wanted to change unusual or illegal sexual habits?
Do couple therapy sessions cost twice as much as an individual session?
No, it costs the same as an individual session.
Would we have to come weekly?
For some couples weekly is best, but for others alternate weeks works fine. A regular schedule is usually important, though.
How long is your therapy "hour"?
50-55 minutes.
Do you charge for the session if the couple does not give 48 hours notice of cancellation?
Yes. If one partner is able to come to the session and work individually on the relationship that usually works out well.
Do you work evenings and weekends?
Evenings, not weekends.

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 Telephone Counselling
Dr. Charles Edelman provides phone counseling across Canada for a range of issues. These include relationships, communication skills, stress management, insomnia, depression, anxiety, habit problems, weight problems, adult children of alcoholics issues, divorce support, parenting, and family problems. Charles also offers information sessions about mental health issues and psychotherapy (for example, how to tell if your therapy is working, or how to deal with a family member with an eating disorder, depression, or another psychological problem).

Telephone counselling is not suitable for someone who is unstable or for addressing psychiatric conditions such as severe depression, bipolar disorder, or a life-threatening eating disorder.

How telephone counselling works:
The first session is for one hour. Subsequent sessions are typically one hour, but can be longer if that works best for the client. (All sessions are 5 minutes shorter than their nominal length.) All appointments are made in Mountain Daylight Time.

Telephone counselling costs the same as in-office sessions. The client does not pay the long distance charges. Payment is made in advance by cheque or email cheque, instructions for which can be found on your bank's website if you have signed up for internet banking. The cheque (and password, in the case of an email cheque) need to be received 48 hours before the session. Payments are not refundable, but one or two postponements can be made if 48 hours notice is given. After the initial assessment session payment by the month is recommended, unless it seems that only a few sessions will be needed.

Phone counselling times are determined by Charles and the client. Evening sessions may be available for those who need them. Sometimes Sunday afternoons are also available.

If you are interested in phone counselling, email Charles at Please enter "Phone Counselling" in the subject heading. It would be useful to give some background, but please keep it to half a page.
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 Workshops, Training, Seminars And Speaking Engagements
Dr. Charles Edelman offers services that include workshops, training, seminars and speaking engagements on a variety of topics. He is principally interested in strategies that facilitate the capacity of each individual to empower him/herself personally and relationally. His perspective includes:
  • workshops related to individual, couple and family issues to a variety of individuals. Included in these issues are family of origin, childhood trauma and relational issues.
  • a teaching and learning approach which is diverse, utilizing different techniques depending on the psychological issues/problems and emotional concerns presented by the individuals.
  • using diverse Cognitive/Behavioral and Psychodynamic models of intervention and treatment in his counseling, which he also brings out in his teaching methods.
  • maintaining a spiritual perspective with regard to his worldview and therapeutic implementation of treatment goals with individuals.
Call (403) 313-1312 to inquire about booking Dr. Charles Edelman today or email for more information.

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 Online Resources

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